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April 21st 2007

Runningdream Records' president Sean Cassidy accompanied by artist Selasee Atiase will be attending MUSEXPO 2007. You might recall Selasee from his great showcase from last year's Musexpo 2006. The buzz around Selasee is spreading Worldwide, and the main purpose of this trip will be to try and secure a record deal for Selasee with a more established label that will be able to bring his career to the next level.

Selasee has just finished recording 3 new songs. If you are attending the MUSEXPO 2007, make sure to get a copy of this new music.

Building upon the BUZZ that has been sustained for the past year, a plan for a re-release of his album is in the works. The new album will be a combination of his award-winning songs and 3-5 new tracks; the CD will also contain enhanced features such as Video and exclusive interviews. Signing, Licensing, Booking and publishing opportunities are available. Contact Sean Cassidy for further information.

March 28th 2007

Selasee continues to make noise for himself in 2007, this time through the World Wide Web, by means of launching an Online Marketing Campaign through MusiK1. Strategically executed, Selasee's campaign heavily concentrates on Internet radio promotions, which has already gained mainstream chart recognition. "With the support of two leading iTunes featured stations, one based in the UK and the other in the US, Selasee reached #80 on the RadioWave Monitor Mainstream charts" explains Josh East, Senior Project Manager for MusiK1. "So far Selasee's campaign is on the right path, now moving into online street team and video promotions to synch up with P2P digital distribution and press release services through our partnership with Billboard Publicity Wire", adds Josh.

Read the full article HERE


February 22nd 2007

Due to conflicting dates, Selasee’s European tour has been re-scheduled for July 2008. He will be touring again in Quebec and Toronto. Visit his website for an updated list of Events.


January 25th 2007

Selasee’s song « RUN » grabs another award. This time it has made the top 50 list from a pool of several thousand submissions in The 2006 Singer/Songwriter Awards by We are Listening.


November 2nd 2006

Selasee’s showcase at the CMJ 2006 was a great success, attracting several radio station D.J.’s, A&R reps and Fans from the Big Apple. Amongst the guests was Alhaji Sidiku Buare, president of the Ghana Music Union and Vice president of the International Federation of Musicians. He made a special stop at the bowery poetry club to come and see the rising star from Ghana.


september 10th 2006 - looking for partners for the 2007 European release

RunningDream Records in association with Prime-tours(transatlantico) in Germany is planning an European tour for Selasee. We are currently looking for licensing partners (Labels and Distributors) to help coordinate a release of the album around the same time or earlier. The tour is planned for July of 2007 and will be focused on the following countries: Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands possibly Spain and Portugal.

We have worked hard in the past year to create a positive Buzz around Selasee and his music. We are looking for serious partners who will be able to take advantage of all the good press surrounding the artist and also that understand the importance of tour support which is crucial to a successful release. Please contact us for further information.



Contact Running Dream Records


september 8th 2006 - Selasee's songwriting skills once again honored.

The 2006 John Lennon Songwriting competition has graced Selasee's song Agba Yei with the honors of being a runner-up finalist in the world music category.



september 6th 2006 - Selected for CMJ Marathon

Selasee will be heading to the music capitol of the world, New York City where he will showcase for the 2006 CMJ Marathon event on the evening of the November 1st 2006 at the well known Bowery Poetry Club in New York. Selasee's showcase will be sponsored in part by Playindies.

For the past 25 years CMJ Music Marathon has been a beacon for the world’s best new music, introducing thousands of rising stars at showcases and concerts at New York City’s most important venues. Early Marathon performances by bands from R.E.M. to the Beastie Boys, Green Day, Radiohead, the Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, the Killers, Arcade Fire and so many others helped launch some of music’s biggest and brightest careers, while legends like Patti Smith, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and James Brown have also graced CMJ’s stages, inspiring younger artists and seasoned professionals alike.

Today, more than 100,000 music professionals, artists and fans converge on the music capital of the world every autumn for CMJ Music Marathon and CMJ FilmFest, celebrating the very best in new music, film and pop culture.

august 30th 2006 - After Fifa, Selasee goes Cricket.

Later on this year Selasee will have another song called “Makuma” featured on an EA sports video game "Cricket 2007" scheduled for release in November 2006. It’s a track he recorded in Ghana with his previous band Makuma.


august 10th 2006- Selasee's Quebec-Canada summer tour press+video

Video: clipshack

Note: a video of better quality is available upon request


May 2006 - Billboard World songwriting competition 2005

Honorable mention: top 1500 songs
"Cool reggae groove; accessible theme; well structured. Melodic intro draws you in."


March 2006 - ISC, Winner 2005

Selasee has won 1st place in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition (World Categorie) for his song "RUN". The winners were selected out of almost 15,000 entries from 80 countries. Judges include Sonny Rollins, Macy Gray, Tom Waits, John Scofield and more.

The ISC has been described by the New York Times as "THE songwriting competition to take note of"


January 2006 - Video Games Seen Influencing Music Sales

When Electronic Arts Inc. bought Selasee's single "Run" for its FIFA 2006 soccer game, the Ghanian reggae singer had yet to sell a song. Sales of his first album have taken off since the game's October launch; iTunes and Napster now stock it. Now based in the United States, Selasee regularly plays large venues.

"We're getting album orders from Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and of course the U.S. and Canada," said Louis Rodrigue, the singer's PR manager. "His career is rocketing because of the FIFA game."

Laurence, Frost AP


January 2006 - Selasee will perform at the Midem 2006 Buzz Band Showcase. January 24th at 21:00 - Martinez Hotel, France, Cannes

"His single, RUN, is sure to become an international hit."

Dominique Leguern, General Director, MIDEM

MIDEM, the world’s music market, is unequalled in the business of music. With 40 years of experience, Midem has a rich history of launching artists’ careers. No other single event in the world can boast providing potential access to an audience of 9,300 music professionals from 92 countries. For the 2006 edition, MIDEM has teamed up with Sonicbids to offer Midem 2006 clients the unique opportunity to get their acts onstage during the tradeshow and in front of the professional audience.


december 2005 - A&R Worldwide


Selasee (pronounced sell-LAH-see) is a world music/reggae artist from Ghana, now resides in Boulder, Colorado; however, his debut album, Run, will be released by Canadian independent label Running Dream – he truly is international! If you’re a fan of high quality reggae you’ll thoroughly enjoy the debut full-length from Selasee. It features a slew of infectious melodies and lyrically inspired tracks including the song "Run," which has already been generating tastemaker radio support and was recently featured in the new Electronic Arts multi-Platinum selling videogame, FIFA 2006 – one of the biggest selling videogames worldwide. Selasee has the potential to generate one billion impressions alone from the game. Selasee and his band have been selected as one of the "MIDEM Buzz Bands" for MIDEM 2006 – they are one of only eight acts chosen for this high-profile performance (MIDEM, held in Cannes, France, is the most influential music industry trade fair in the world ). The Run LP is available on Napster, Yahoo! Music, iTunes, AOL Music Now and directly through Selasee’s website. To check out Selasee’s "Run" video click here.

The video may take some time to download depending on your connection speed. Selasee is available for worldwide signing, licensing, publishing, booking and distribution. For further details contact Selasee manager Sean Cassidy at, or call him at 514.951.0046


november 2nd 2005 - Global Hit BBC News

There's another party interested in video games these days: musicians. A tune by Ghanaian musician Selasee titled "Run" has become a multi-million seller because it was selected by a leading video game company as the song for their latest release. The World's Marco Werman explains.



October 21st 2005 - Ghanaian Artist On Fifa '06 Club Ghana - news and articles

EA Sports' upcoming soccer game, FIFA 06 will unleash an international mix of music in the in-game soundtrack. Among the mix of international musicians to be featured on the soundtrack will be Ghanaian singer and songwriter Selasee Atiase.

Selasee's track "Run" will be among the 39 tracks that will populate the music portion of the game.

"Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, France and the UK - these are just a few of the countries represented on the FIFA 06 soundtrack. There is no sport more global than soccer. The FIFA 06 soundtrack encapsulates the passion and pride of each country, their clubs and the music that defines it all."

said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Music Marketing at EA.


september 15th 2005 - Music For Images Midem news 2006

For Steve Schnur, who is in charge of music for the world’s biggest video games company, concrete results are what the Music for Images day is all about. At the past two MIDEMs, he has held a special Listening Session to audition delegates’ music to feature in EA games; and chances are the Session will return in 2006.

"I first came to MIDEM in 2004 with a clear agenda: to sit down with a true international delegation of everyone - label and publishing representatives, signed and unsigned artists, and more - who wanted to participate in submitting songs for [EA’s best-selling football title] FIFA," says Schnur.

"Over the past two years, we’ve listened to more than 5,000 submissions to get nearly 80 great new songs* that first appeared in the past two editions of the game. Through these Listening Sessions, we’ve launched exciting new careers and made FIFA one of the most explosive new showcases for new bands today. Thanks to events like these, video game music now truly knows no borders. It can travel anywhere. It can bring us together. It can create what all of us – as artists, as entrepreneurs, as people – have always dreamed of: one true global culture."

There’s no arguing with that!

Amongst the many acts to have ended up on EA game soundtracks further to the past two Listening Sessions, Schnur cites Scotland’s Sneak Attack Tigers, the UK’s Emma Warren, the Netherlands’ Ferry Corsten and Blues Brother Castro, Brazil’s Marcelo D2 and Marcelinho Da Lua, Italy’s Sandro Bit, Switzerland’s Manana, Turkey’s Athena, Portugal’s The Gift, Germany’s Kaos, Mexico’s Kinky, Ghana’s Selasee Atiase, France’s SoShy and Jose, Denmark’s Miss J and Jamaica’s Wayne Marshall.


June 2005 - The first Radio impression Sat Bisla from A&R Worldwide

The song "RUN" was aired on the show "Passport Approved" hosted by Sat Bisla from A&R Worldwide and Mike Savage.

Sat: "I got some really good feedback for Selasee on my radio show."

The show is aired on Indie 103.1 FM located in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and is currently syndicated in 6 U.S. markets.


September 2005 - Official Popkomm 2005 DigiComp Jeremy, senior talent manager at Soundpost

The song "RUN" was selected to be part of Soundpost's Official Popkomm 2005 DigiComp

Jeremy: "We had some hard choices to make, but your track "RUN" just stood out to us and made the office party."


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